Scott, Steve, Chris, Jack & Sarah will collaborate and innovate around three content themes: Staff, Campers, and Directors.  The precise content and actual time spent on each theme varies yearly according to participants’ needs and specific feedback. Once your registration is confirmed, we’ll send you a questionnaire to find out what content is most important to you.



Sample Content Outline


·             Reinventing Staff Training

·             Essential Leadership Skills

·             Organizational Change


·             Skillful discipline and behavior management

·             Working with Different Populations

·             Innovative Programming


·             Positive Psychology in Action: Navigating and Nurturing Your Signature Strengths

·             Partnering with Parents to Promote Positive Adjustment in Young Participants

·             Tried and True and Hard to Do: 10 Ways to be Mission-Driven (without ignoring Market Forces)

·             Responding to Mental Health Crises in Camp