What Are Participants Saying About Directors' Camp?


Basically a lot of really nice things...

“As a new manager, this weekend was an incredible way to be exposed to the amazing people and work that exists in the summer camp world. I leave feeling not only replenished with techniques and strategies, but also with a renewed faith in humanity. It is an experience of community building, joy sharing, and self-exploration that can keep you charged for the upcoming year.” - Zoe Fonseca, Green Chimneys Summer Camps (Carmel, New York)

“This weekend was absolutely an eye-opening experience for me. Directors’ Camp truly reminded me why I do what I do! What an amazing group of caring, hopeful, and hard-working individuals. Thank you for this memorable weekend.” - Kerrie Francis, North Attleboro YMCA (North Attleboro, Massachusetts)

“I am so extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this Directors’ Camp at the beginning of my camp leadership career. The foundational principles I’ve learned and networking connections I’ve made have been invaluable.” - Mary Lewis, IDEA Camp Rio (Brownsville, Texas)

“Directors’ Camp took all of my fears and concerns about being a camp director, spread them out all over the table, and creatively dissected them into a million pieces of useful information. Now I feel I can continue in a more productive path.” - Sherri Lively, Merrit Clubs (Eldersberg, Maryland)

“Directors’ Camp opened the doors to a ‘secret’ club of amazing people that support, coach, and care for one another on a professional level. I’m so appreciative to be a member of this club.” - Anonymous

“The energy and inspiration from Directors’ Camp facilitators and participants have really reaffirmed for me that camp is a magical place for all!” - Rheal Williams (New Brunswick, Cananda)

“Directors’ Camp 2017 really opened my eyes and mind to really start positive change for the future. It also made me feel energized about the work we do to help change the kids of the future.” - Anonymous

“Even though the camp was only a weekend, I feel that I got more ideas and knowledge out of Directors’s Camp than any other conference I have ever gone to.” - Kellsie Sedlak, Cape Cod Sea Camps (Brewster, Massachusetts)

“The Directors’ Camp Leaders bring a plethora of invaluable and actionable ideas to take your program to the next level!” - Omar Garza, IDEA Camp Rio (Brownsville, Texas)

“Thank you for providing this truly inspiring experience. The memorable moments and information gained has been bountiful.” - Anonymous


“You want an awesome meeting of the minds and invigorating workshops for directors who work with youth? DC is the answer!” - Anonymous

“I came with few expectations knowing this would be fruitful and restorative. Simply being open moved and stretched and grew me in ways I could never have anticipated.” - Anonymous

“Directors’ Camp is an amazing opportunity to connect with other camping professionals, share ideas, and learn from incredibly smart and talented facilitators. Thank you!” - Caroline Glovsky, Fernwood Cove (Harrison, Maine)

“Oh man, oh man! What a weekend! Very welcoming, a lot of great ideas, solutions, and tons of knowledge. A safe space to ask for help and advice BUT also laugh (a lot)!” - Anonymous

“This weekend was a total infusion of energy and creativity for me. I was able to assimilate all of the content into meaningful action items for my entire year and diverse slate of programming. Thank you from the ‘fire in my belly!’” - Anonymous

“This is not your normal conference! This is a weekend with youth development professionals who quickly become friends as they enrich your knowledge base and your network. If you want to learn more about our industry and how you fit into it all, this is the experience for you!” - Anonymous

“I can’t say enough good things about Directors’ Camp. Walking away from the weekend with not only new tools for professional growth and success but the team of people as well to make it happen. Thank you, thank you!” - Carly Rapaport, Kamp Kohut (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)




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